Thursday, 11 November 2010

I have decided that when writing this I am keeping myself anonymous (although most of the mummy's who follow this know who I am). The main reason being that one day I might hear a van screech up and the men in white coats will drag me away from washing the floor or cleaning the loo or something important like that. Or a night in shining armour might appear and take me away to my idea of heaven (Cadburyland).  I may however cut down to one or two posts a week as there is a lot to be said for quality not quantity.

Had cooking disaster no 1032 last night. Decided to make broccoli in a cheese sauce to go with my chicken pie and tatties. Anything to disguise the taste. Boiled the broccoli and fished two packets of sauce out of the cupboard. How hard can it be? Too hard for me it would appear, as within seconds of the sauce hitting the pan it developed the most strange round green things in it. Took a look and to my horror realised I had opened a packet of cheese sauce and a packet of peppercorn sauce and mixed the two together. An interesting combo but highly unlikely to win any prizes on Master Chef.

Another terrible morning. Woke at 5 am to the sweet sound of our blue bin being blown over. Got up praying it was someone elses but no, there it was in all it's glory. Lid gaping and last weeks trash all over the street. Told OH who said 'I'll get it at Seven'. SEVEN ! By 7 o'clock the rubbish would have been strewn from here to kingdom come. Got the wellies on over my jammies and a waterproof coat and went out to pick up the mess. If anyone had passed they would have thought I was stark raving mad  - and they would have been right.

PSA fundraising meeting on Monday night and it is at the home of one of  the members. Great! That means I won't have to mind my P's and Q's or sit through the boring adult stuff. It's amazing how being in school still makes you feel that you are about 8 years old when you are actually on the wrong side of 40.  I always seem to feel guilty when I have not (to my knowledge) been naughty. I used to think I might have liked a job working in a school but now realise that it is highly unlikely I could ever work in one. A. Because some teachers have a problem with speaking to parents like they are pupils as well. As someone who dislikes authority I doubt if I would fit in. B. Because I could never tolerate the ludicrous Health and Safety rules and regulations. I would probably give the Heidy a fit for actively encouraging ice slides, conkers and snow ball fights. and would be the only adult to get detention! Anyway the meeting is about a fundraising project for next year -  my favorite bit of the PSA. Might even bake some brownies to take. That is if Asda have any packet mixes in stock.....