Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Well here we go.......

Well today someone asked me to start a blog as it would appear my thoughts and observations on life in general make people laugh. So here I am like SJP in Sex in the City typing furiously at my lap top. That's where the similarities end. While SJP sits on her size 6 rear in her cosmopolitan NY brownstone, typing amid her trendy furniture and boho togs, I on the other hand have my over sized ass parked on the edge of my DFS couch in a not so cosmopolitan village in central Scotland .As for boho togs if your idea of high fashion is a primark vest and a pair of jeans with dubious stains on them well, hey ho I am the next Agnes Deyn.

It's a really strange thing. You can't make up funny stuff, it just sort of happens and I suppose it depends on the sort of humour you are blessed with. (In my case juvenile and lavatorial so am not likely to appeal to the majority).

It has been a bizarre day, what with H age six and his 'poofy' jacket. For those of us unfamiliar with age six speak this actually should read 'puffy. I hope he manages to sort that little word confusion out prior to high school as we could be in for problems.

Embarrassing moment of the week has to be L age nine pointing out to me that 'they have jumbo sized ones, they'll do you'  in the sanitary towels aisle at Tescos. Have now managed to master the act of dropping her a complete deafie as she laughs loudly and hysterically and I shuffle off up the aisle with my wonky wheeled trolley. She is only 9 for Pete's sake!!!