Wednesday, 10 November 2010

What a freezing cold morning. Had to resort to squeezing myself into what I describe as my 'duvet' jacket for the first time since last winter. At least it's a better day than yesterday which was a complete joke! Got up to wind and rain and dragged the full monty out of the wardrobes -  wellies, waterproof trousers, waterproof jackets,  hats, gloves and umbrellas. Ten minutes prior to leaving the rain was blowing horizontally outside and I cringed at the thought of going out in it. Ten minutes later as we opened the door it had cleared up! No time to take anything off so I arrived in the school playground like a drop out from a John West advert with the car driving parents looking at me as if I was a total fruitcake. Anyway the whole day was like that. Every time I stepped out the door I got soaked.

Went to the local cafe to kill time before picking the kids up, only to have the 'you know what' scared out of me. One of the customers took great delight in informing me about a house being ransacked down the road and as usual it gave me 'Crimewatch' syndrome. You know what I mean. When the music to Crimewatch starts and I am in myself, I shut all the blinds and check every door and window is locked frantically. It is as if  when the tune plays it is an invite for any local criminal to attack the house.  Have often wondered what it would be like if you are sitting watching telly in some seedy B&B in the middle of nowhere, when the 'Have you seen this man?' bit comes on. The bloke on the sofa opposite happens to be the man in question. You would be sitting wondering what you could use to defend yourself as a Glade Plug-in and basket of yucky potpourri are hardly the weapons of choice. 

Took Mini  Me and L to the local Mecca for kids last night after tea. By that I mean of course 'Toys 'R' Us'.  That wonderful establishment which promises to offload your cash in exchange for a barrow load of tat. Neither were all that impressed as I have now gone into 'you'll have to ask Santa' mode. S on the other hand had to be dragged away from the X-box 360. Men!

Sleep tightly now and don't have nightmares......