Friday, 19 November 2010

What a morning. Got up to chaos for two reasons. It  was 'Children in Need' day at school, and in their infinite wisdom, the powers that be, had decided all and sundry had to turn up 'spotty' for school.  As a result I was climbing ladders and raking about our loft looking for face paints at 7.30 this morning.  Made a mental note that if I ever move again the contents of the loft are being sold along with the house.  I hate to think what is hiding up there,  as the hatch is usually opened and all surplus junk is tossed up with gay abandon. For all I know a complete family of illegals could be hiding in it, along with Lord Lucan and Shergar.

Went to get H up and to my horror found he had went to sleep with his new favorite toy. Science Putty. An absolute atrocity of a birthday present,  which he had taken to bed and dropped off with - minus the tin. As a result I spent the morning trying to claw fluorescent orange sticky stuff of the duvet, sheet and pillowcase. Must have washed his face with my eyes shut, as upon inspection after school,  he had two bits stuck to his ear and a huge orange carbuncle on this neck. The teacher probably spotted them and took herself off to the chemist for some sort of  preventative remedy 'just incase'.

Looking forward to this weekend.  2 haircuts and  2 eyetests for L and Mini Me and a family night out with the Q's. Great fun!