Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Got up this morning to another missed day at school.  Am really going to have to give up this Facebook habit. It's keeping me back and I know it. 'I' called at 11.20 and I had just hauled myself out of the shower. She would be there in about an hour with 'A' for a visit.  Along with both their kids. Cringe! House a bit messy, beds needing made and about 20 million other bits and pieces needing put away. Go for the 'out of sight, out of mind' option and open my bedroom door, chuck it all in and pull the door shut. Feel guilty for about a millisecond and then decide everybody has done this at least once in their life.  No doubt there is some sanctimonious witch reading this and thinking 'I've not', well good for you!!!! House looked tidy and as I served our toasted cheese and tea on my Cath Kidston cups and plates I felt like a proper little Kirstie Allsop. Little did they know the devastation in my boudoir. Hahaha.

Kids had a great time and for once H had a male pal to play with. There is an overload of female children in our circle so he wasn't annoying L and risking the bedroom door getting slammed on his nose.

Watched the weather report to see if there was any respite in the freezing conditions. Seriously hoping to see courier vans and Royal Mail deliveries happening soon. Time is marching on and I have nine outstanding parcels. Pants. By that I mean it's rubbish, not that i have bought a consignment of underwear for all and sundry.  Come to think of it though it might have made things a lot simpler. The smug weather git came on and regaled us with the delightful news that there would be a thaw for a 'few days' and then freezing conditions all the way to Christmas. He didn't even have a sorry face on. I wanted to reach into the telly and poke his eyes out with an icicle.

Back to school again tomorrow, I am staying off Facebook from now on. Sick of folk moaning about slippy paths and how they are going to injure themselves, schools being off and no milk. Goodness knows what our grandparents would make of it all. They survived rationing, war and bombs dropping and still managed to stay sane.....

Monday, 6 December 2010

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. For goodness sake would someone please ask Him upstairs to make it stop! After a weekend where we thought we might actually be getting somewhere its back again and worse than ever.

Woke up on Saturday morning to the sweet sight of a snow free road outside and  melted icicles. Great! Got it together and took off  for the town centre. It was going like a fair as every other person on West Lothian had switched from panic buying bread and milk to panic buying Christmas presents. Chaos and that was only in the car parks. Finally managed to escape the multi storey but had to give up on Toys'r'us as it was carnage. People has obviously just given up on even trying to park sensibly and had to decided to adopt an 'Eff it' attitude to the whole situation. Cars were double parked, triple parked and totally abandoned next to mounds of six foot high snow. Gave up eventually and felt glad that I really only need stocking fillers now and that anyone else would just have to take an IOU and be glad of it!

Monday morning arrived and I packed my gym bag in the optimistic hope of getting to aqua fit but was pretty convinced that Big Dunc's pool will be frozen over by now and if I am honest the thought of baring my body was not inviting in the least. At ten past eight the white stuff started again and I sent a text to 'I' to cancel. In agreement we ditched the bags and had bacon rolls at mine instead. On the road home spotted the very late bin lorry and dashed home to get the bucket out. Nearly gave myself a hernia in the process, dragging it through 3 feet of snow and the darned thing wasn't even doing our street.  After she left I went out and shovelled another 4 inches of snow and then later another 3. It is really beginning to do my nut in big time as even a trip to the bucket is becoming an epic journey involving thermal clothes and a team of huskies. Then came the call everyone was waiting for. School is shutting. Get your kids now. Grabbed the boots again and took off to pick up the kids. Trudged through even deeper snow along with a sorry looking bunch of mums and dads to get L & H. H is a lazy wee beggar and lagged behind to the point that I ended up losing it and screeched like a mad woman 'Faster, walk faster'.

Poor wee soul, bet he wishes he was back at school..........

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Woke this morning to the words every parent dreads. 'Mum, I've been sick on my bed'.  Poor L is standing in  the doorway of the room looking like nae body's bairn.   I get out of bed and look at the clock. It is 2AM. Not surprisingly hubby is dead to the world. Go through to inspect the damage and am heartened to see she managed to get the throw and nothing else. Spend the next half hour scraping said throw, making a hot water bottle and getting her a drink. Hardly surprised, she had been running a temperature since lunch time yesterday. Get back to bed before 3 when S suddenly appears awake and asks what is wrong. Want to shove his nose in the sicky throw but resist the temptation.   Drop off to the sound of the washing machine going into a spin. Start to worry about low Calpol supplies.

Get up at 7. L a bit better, thankfully. Asks for toast and hot chocolate. Not the best combo but sometimes when you are ill it's what you fancy. Have a look at Facebook which has been a lifeline over the past few days. Mainly because it means you can compare your diminishing sanity levels with others. Ten years ago we would have all been shut in going quietly round the bend. The phone would have been red hot to the point that the fat cats at BT would be rubbing their hands together with glee. Happen to look at someones page which displays pictures of last years snow and then pictures of this years. And we thought we had it bad last year! If last year was a Minimilk then this year is a Magnum. You know it looks great but after you've had it you regret it big time.

At one o'clock a miracle happens. The JCB driver appears and shovels the new load of snow up the street.  Unfortunately for us he also leaves 2 feet high deposits across the openings to every ones drives.  This prompts a flurry of activity as we all start shovelling again. I can honestly say I have never witnessed so much shovelling ever - and with all sorts of homemade implements!

Let H out to play and he comes back hysterical.  He has snow down his wellies and a bloody nose from being hit in the face with a shovel. Possibly the only person in the village who has ended up on the wrong end of one.

Hubby away to work. Having been out yesterday I seriously wonder if he will make it as far as the main routes.......

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Have not written anything for over a week mainly because I have spent the majority of it looking out the front window at the copious amounts of white stuff falling from the sky. Oh it looked lovely on Friday night.  By Saturday and a cancelled train journey, it was an inconvenience and now six days later it is one darned great pain in the jacksie. The residents of the village have now scraped roads, crashed cars and built snowmen and it is becoming slightly wearing for all and sundry.

The problem is that no food deliveries are now reaching the local shops and folks are beginning to develop that 'seige' mentality. It suddenly becomes absolutely imperative that you must have a dozen cans of beans, 12 loaves of bread and enough milk in your cupboards to float the Queen Mary and damn it, you will do anything to get it! Had to go out myself this morning as we were genuinely running out of bread. The scene at the local Coop was reminiscent of commie Russia. Empty shelves and long faces as folk bought packets of spaghetti as if their lives depended on it! I couldn't help but notice the amount of bags containing bottles of booze and cans of beer.  Ah well, if you are going to starve to death you might as well die happy in front of Jeremy Kyle. I do worry though. What if it goes on all winter? It might end up like something out of that film Alive, where we are all sitting around deciding who to eat first. If ever there was a good reason for losing weight then that's it.

Fortunately it would appear there are plenty of community minded individuals who don't seem to mind scraping snow off roads, myself included. Monday afternoon saw a motley crew assembled in the Avenue  shovelling for all we were worth. It was a scene that reminded me of POW films as we struggled on valiantly piling mountains of the white stuff at the side of the roads. Hell who cares if you can't walk on the pavements, at least the car might go forward a few feet. Total waste of time, within half an hour of shovelling, the snow was on again and we were wondering why we bothered. With the arrival of an ungrateful woman from around the corner who made irritated gestures to us for blocking the road, all community mindedness went out the window and was replaced with victory v signs and one fingered salutes.

Neighbours, everybody needs good neighbours........