Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Got up this morning to another missed day at school.  Am really going to have to give up this Facebook habit. It's keeping me back and I know it. 'I' called at 11.20 and I had just hauled myself out of the shower. She would be there in about an hour with 'A' for a visit.  Along with both their kids. Cringe! House a bit messy, beds needing made and about 20 million other bits and pieces needing put away. Go for the 'out of sight, out of mind' option and open my bedroom door, chuck it all in and pull the door shut. Feel guilty for about a millisecond and then decide everybody has done this at least once in their life.  No doubt there is some sanctimonious witch reading this and thinking 'I've not', well good for you!!!! House looked tidy and as I served our toasted cheese and tea on my Cath Kidston cups and plates I felt like a proper little Kirstie Allsop. Little did they know the devastation in my boudoir. Hahaha.

Kids had a great time and for once H had a male pal to play with. There is an overload of female children in our circle so he wasn't annoying L and risking the bedroom door getting slammed on his nose.

Watched the weather report to see if there was any respite in the freezing conditions. Seriously hoping to see courier vans and Royal Mail deliveries happening soon. Time is marching on and I have nine outstanding parcels. Pants. By that I mean it's rubbish, not that i have bought a consignment of underwear for all and sundry.  Come to think of it though it might have made things a lot simpler. The smug weather git came on and regaled us with the delightful news that there would be a thaw for a 'few days' and then freezing conditions all the way to Christmas. He didn't even have a sorry face on. I wanted to reach into the telly and poke his eyes out with an icicle.

Back to school again tomorrow, I am staying off Facebook from now on. Sick of folk moaning about slippy paths and how they are going to injure themselves, schools being off and no milk. Goodness knows what our grandparents would make of it all. They survived rationing, war and bombs dropping and still managed to stay sane.....