Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Have not written anything for over a week mainly because I have spent the majority of it looking out the front window at the copious amounts of white stuff falling from the sky. Oh it looked lovely on Friday night.  By Saturday and a cancelled train journey, it was an inconvenience and now six days later it is one darned great pain in the jacksie. The residents of the village have now scraped roads, crashed cars and built snowmen and it is becoming slightly wearing for all and sundry.

The problem is that no food deliveries are now reaching the local shops and folks are beginning to develop that 'seige' mentality. It suddenly becomes absolutely imperative that you must have a dozen cans of beans, 12 loaves of bread and enough milk in your cupboards to float the Queen Mary and damn it, you will do anything to get it! Had to go out myself this morning as we were genuinely running out of bread. The scene at the local Coop was reminiscent of commie Russia. Empty shelves and long faces as folk bought packets of spaghetti as if their lives depended on it! I couldn't help but notice the amount of bags containing bottles of booze and cans of beer.  Ah well, if you are going to starve to death you might as well die happy in front of Jeremy Kyle. I do worry though. What if it goes on all winter? It might end up like something out of that film Alive, where we are all sitting around deciding who to eat first. If ever there was a good reason for losing weight then that's it.

Fortunately it would appear there are plenty of community minded individuals who don't seem to mind scraping snow off roads, myself included. Monday afternoon saw a motley crew assembled in the Avenue  shovelling for all we were worth. It was a scene that reminded me of POW films as we struggled on valiantly piling mountains of the white stuff at the side of the roads. Hell who cares if you can't walk on the pavements, at least the car might go forward a few feet. Total waste of time, within half an hour of shovelling, the snow was on again and we were wondering why we bothered. With the arrival of an ungrateful woman from around the corner who made irritated gestures to us for blocking the road, all community mindedness went out the window and was replaced with victory v signs and one fingered salutes.

Neighbours, everybody needs good neighbours........