Monday, 6 December 2010

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. For goodness sake would someone please ask Him upstairs to make it stop! After a weekend where we thought we might actually be getting somewhere its back again and worse than ever.

Woke up on Saturday morning to the sweet sight of a snow free road outside and  melted icicles. Great! Got it together and took off  for the town centre. It was going like a fair as every other person on West Lothian had switched from panic buying bread and milk to panic buying Christmas presents. Chaos and that was only in the car parks. Finally managed to escape the multi storey but had to give up on Toys'r'us as it was carnage. People has obviously just given up on even trying to park sensibly and had to decided to adopt an 'Eff it' attitude to the whole situation. Cars were double parked, triple parked and totally abandoned next to mounds of six foot high snow. Gave up eventually and felt glad that I really only need stocking fillers now and that anyone else would just have to take an IOU and be glad of it!

Monday morning arrived and I packed my gym bag in the optimistic hope of getting to aqua fit but was pretty convinced that Big Dunc's pool will be frozen over by now and if I am honest the thought of baring my body was not inviting in the least. At ten past eight the white stuff started again and I sent a text to 'I' to cancel. In agreement we ditched the bags and had bacon rolls at mine instead. On the road home spotted the very late bin lorry and dashed home to get the bucket out. Nearly gave myself a hernia in the process, dragging it through 3 feet of snow and the darned thing wasn't even doing our street.  After she left I went out and shovelled another 4 inches of snow and then later another 3. It is really beginning to do my nut in big time as even a trip to the bucket is becoming an epic journey involving thermal clothes and a team of huskies. Then came the call everyone was waiting for. School is shutting. Get your kids now. Grabbed the boots again and took off to pick up the kids. Trudged through even deeper snow along with a sorry looking bunch of mums and dads to get L & H. H is a lazy wee beggar and lagged behind to the point that I ended up losing it and screeched like a mad woman 'Faster, walk faster'.

Poor wee soul, bet he wishes he was back at school..........