Thursday, 2 December 2010

Woke this morning to the words every parent dreads. 'Mum, I've been sick on my bed'.  Poor L is standing in  the doorway of the room looking like nae body's bairn.   I get out of bed and look at the clock. It is 2AM. Not surprisingly hubby is dead to the world. Go through to inspect the damage and am heartened to see she managed to get the throw and nothing else. Spend the next half hour scraping said throw, making a hot water bottle and getting her a drink. Hardly surprised, she had been running a temperature since lunch time yesterday. Get back to bed before 3 when S suddenly appears awake and asks what is wrong. Want to shove his nose in the sicky throw but resist the temptation.   Drop off to the sound of the washing machine going into a spin. Start to worry about low Calpol supplies.

Get up at 7. L a bit better, thankfully. Asks for toast and hot chocolate. Not the best combo but sometimes when you are ill it's what you fancy. Have a look at Facebook which has been a lifeline over the past few days. Mainly because it means you can compare your diminishing sanity levels with others. Ten years ago we would have all been shut in going quietly round the bend. The phone would have been red hot to the point that the fat cats at BT would be rubbing their hands together with glee. Happen to look at someones page which displays pictures of last years snow and then pictures of this years. And we thought we had it bad last year! If last year was a Minimilk then this year is a Magnum. You know it looks great but after you've had it you regret it big time.

At one o'clock a miracle happens. The JCB driver appears and shovels the new load of snow up the street.  Unfortunately for us he also leaves 2 feet high deposits across the openings to every ones drives.  This prompts a flurry of activity as we all start shovelling again. I can honestly say I have never witnessed so much shovelling ever - and with all sorts of homemade implements!

Let H out to play and he comes back hysterical.  He has snow down his wellies and a bloody nose from being hit in the face with a shovel. Possibly the only person in the village who has ended up on the wrong end of one.

Hubby away to work. Having been out yesterday I seriously wonder if he will make it as far as the main routes.......