Sunday, 30 January 2011

Chaotic Saturday. Up to a midden yesterday morning due to not being at home the majority of Friday. (When I was it was spent refereeing four kids). After making an impact on the mess we headed off to inspect SIL's new house. Fortunately it was spotlessly clean, however the decor left a lot to be desired. Dado rails and wall papers and curtains screaming at each other. After doing the once over everyone was in agreement that it was livable, however by the time we had left the upper paper in the living room had been peeled off in twenty minutes. One of those moments when you see a bit loose and pulling it starts a frenzy of ripping which ends up with you looking at bare walls for ages wishing you had just kept the darn stuff on. Watching everyone peeling made me think of a classic moment in the 'Royle Family' when Jim and his mate Twiggy try to strip the living room wallpaper with an assortment of tools including a fish slice to the strains of 'Mambo No 5'.  Made even more hilarious by the fact that they haven't even bothered to remove the pictures on the walls!

Today was loft clearing day and I returned from Zumba to find a pile of junk the height of Ben Nevis in the hall. I had to climb over a pile of carpet offcuts, prehistoric video recorders and college stuff which was for the heave ho. Why do we find it necessary to keep so much cr*p?  I cannot believe what is on our loft. I am ashamed to admit that there are boxes we have not opened since we moved in eight years ago, so the stuff can't be of any use at all. They are probably full of dodgy wedding presents, you know the sort, tea sets with runny glaze or lamps that look like they have came off a prize bingo stall. You hang onto them in case you offend Great Auntie So and So. Well she's dead so in the words of Big Dunc 'they are out'. H was having a great time. S had give him a tiny, ancient hand held telly which he was glued to. It had a two foot telescopic ariel which is a Health and Safety nightmare. I am sure one of my eyes will be impaled on it by the end of the week. L was in the loft helping and shouted 'Mum! You'll never believe it. Santa's left some of his wrapping paper up here!'

Well darling! Imagine that......