Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Woke up during the night with agonising pains in my feet. Remember subconsciously thinking 'oh no, I really must have hurt myself yesterday'. I had misstepped on the stairs at Big Dunc's and come down hard on them. At 7 I got up and realised the reason for my sore feet. After the slip I had bandaged my feet and ankles (something I have had to do on occasion as I had a nasty accident involving foot injuries and my poor feet have never recovered). I had went to bed, forgetting to remove the bandages and during the night my feet had swollen and were now being crushed to bits. I yanked the bandages off and the relief was amazing. Back to normal. What an eejit.

Had H's pal over for tea today. Now realise how lucky I am not to have 2 boys because:

a. No matter what they talk about it always seems to sink to poo and bum level.
b. They are extremely noisy.
c.  In packs they torment the life out of their sisters. I felt sorry for poor L. She hid in her room while they attempted to torment her to distraction. They made comments like skinny bum and fat bum followed by raucous laughter every few minutes. I felt especially sorry for her as she valiantly tried to comb her doll's hair, and they kept grabbing it and trying to pull it's head off. She was no fool though. She is the only one apart from her dad who can work the Play Station 3 and conveniently 'forgot' how it worked.  The look on their faces when they realised she had the upper hand was priceless. They slunk off back to H's wrecked bedroom to plot their next move....