Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Had myself set up for Zumba this morning and hopped off with a spring in my step actually looking forward to it.  I am now sure that madness is setting in as I am beginning to actually enjoy torturing myself. Got there and halfway into the first dance 'Cheesy' took unwell and looked like he was about to fall over. Said he had a virus and had to cancel the class. I felt really sorry for him. Hope that doesn't go against him as they have got rid of him doing Aqua fit for nothing so cancelling a class 30 seconds into it wont bode well.  I really will not be amused if they allow that little ferret of an instructor who now takes Aqua fit to do Zumba. Yesterday's torture was just that.  He kept shouting 'be more aggressive' to the point that I felt like jumping out the pool, bopping him a shot and asking if that was aggressive enough for him?  It would appear most folk were cheesed off as when he asked for the resistance floats back, the majority, instead of placing them on the side of the pool, threw them at him.  A fine moment. Mutiny in the Aqua fit class. Fantastic. Thought I was going to get off with a cup of tea and scone in the cafe but to my horror 'I' steered me upstairs to the gym. THE GYM. Good Lord! Fortunately it was the tame bit with cross trainers and running machines on a mezzanine level which meant you could look down on the body builders pumping iron. It was actually hilarious as the mezzanine level had been invaded by the fall out from Zumba class. A motley crew of middle agers, pensioners and overweight mothers. Glad they hadn't chosen to film a promotional video for the club that day, or we would have all been turfed out on our over sized jacksies.

Afterwards we went back to mine for lunch with N our chocolate muffin baking friend who sensibly didn't bring any. As we ate our bacon rolls and sipped copious cups of tea we decided that it was time that the government was kicked out and the three of us would take over.  Not a bad idea really, there must be hardly a person in the country who doesn't think that they couldn't do a better job that our present excuse for leadership. I have always hated politicians.  No one ever does that job for the benefit of anyone other than themselves.  After all, if you think about it, does anyone  go to work for someone else's benefit (apart from your own family)?  No, you go because you want the dosh. Just loved the expenses scandal. Their greed displayed no bounds. As my granny used to say 'cheek's no good unless you've plenty of it' and they are blessed with it in abundance.