Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Had a very nice time at my aunt and uncle's house on New Years day. Three generations of the family gathered together to catch up. It was lovely and amusing at the same time. My aunt had decided to run a pass the parcel game for her great nephews and nieces which would have been fine had she not thought it acceptable to play a Susan Boyle record as the background music. More disturbing was the fact that this was the most up to date music she had. As a last resort my cousin switched on MTV to get some modern stuff. Fortunately someone was sat in front of the telly. Mainly because a rapper appeared with swimsuit clad ladies shaking their ample booties in close up at the screen. Even less acceptable. My uncle nearly choked on his trifle.

What a day spent trying to amuse the kids today. L and I built her Harry Potter Lego game and then tried to work out how to play it. In the meantime H was building electrical circuits with his new Christmas present. Was extremely impressed at how well he was managing and he proudly displayed a working fan he had built. Great. Until two minutes later, when he reversed the polarity of the motor, the fan shot off and hit him smack on the nose. Cruel, but L and I could not keep a straight face. He is now playing again, but with a dinosaur plaster across his nose which now looks like a wee bit of streaky bacon.

Went out for a walk and it would have cut you in two. My sister in law had phoned half an hour earlier and said it was snowing at hers (7 miles away) now I could believe why.

Hope to goodness we don't get the white stuff back.....