Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Have just checked my blog stats (being the computer whizz that I am - not!) and have noticed that I have readers from the United States, Germany and Singapore amongst other places. If you have been unlucky enough to stumble on this by accident, I apologise. If you are reading because you actually enjoy it- I sympathise. It would be nice if you would subscribe though, then at least I would know who is taking a sneaky peek.

Other half went down south last week to see an old friend who is having a rough time at the moment. Habitually unlucky in love, old pal seems to pick real crackers.  He was kicked out last New Year and is now struggling along, so S went down to cheer him up. It has been an endless catalogue of disasters for old pal, house isn't selling and when it nearly did, ex wife was back on bended knee begging him to take her back. He stood his ground though . House sale has fallen through and 8 weeks later, now that she is doing the horizontal tango with someone else, she is back in psycho witch mode. Lists herself as a christian.  Aye and I am Mother Theresa. Thought he was going to take her back at one point. That would have been a bummer, as I would have had to have taken down the voodoo doll hanging from the kitchen notice board. It was a good likeness too. All green Plasticine and pipe cleaners.

L came bounding out of school this afternoon delighted to inform me that she is being given a musical instrument. I faked delight with visions of fiddles and bagpipes floating about. 'I'm getting a flute Mum!' she whooped and with that I was landed with a bill for a music book and a letter warning me that I had to make her practice every day. Oh joy.