Friday, 21 January 2011

Three Pounds! Three Pounds! Yes folks, you got it, I lost three whole pounds! The torture has paid off and after 5 continuous days of hard exercise and abstention from all things delicious I am back on the wagon. Hip hooray!

Fat Club tonight was busy due to the post Christmas rush of folk trying to shed their excess.  'J' and I arrived last as usual and got seats at the back. The best place to be as from there you can text folk, read a magazine and still look like you are paying attention as the leader drones on about all things slimming.  Tonight was really quite funny, mainly because as usual I was people watching and trying to find something amusing about someone in a class full of normal folk. Tonight's favorites had to be two newbies for whom the novelty of Slimming World had obviously not worn off. They cooked together, went to the gym together and one had lost 8 pounds this week, while the other had lost three and was severely cheesed off about it. She also had the irritating habit of breaking in on the leader and quoting recipes from the club web page. I thought it was just me who noticed until we got back in the car and J commented too.  Can't wait to see who loses more next week, or if they have fallen out over it and are suing each other for custody of the Spray Light and artificial sweeteners......

Came home feeling ready for next weeks slimming effort. One more pound and that's half a stone.