Sunday, 2 January 2011

Well there it was Merry Christmas everybody's had their fun. Well if you discount the snow, flu, vomiting angels and empty bank balance. What a month! Snowed in at the start and incapacitated at the end by sick weans and hangovers. Don't think anyone has escaped it. Due to this month's adverse weather conditions (it's all your fault Sean Batty, don't you dare try to deny it) all things Christmassy at school were delayed by a week or so. Ended up helping out at L's school party. Made mental note to remember to excuse myself from that sorry little affair next year.  My memories of school parties were happy ones of pass the parcel, egg sannies and ice cream and jelly. It would appear prohibition has arrived and all things enjoyable i.e. sweeties are no longer permitted at school. On the plates were - a bag of crisps,  a sorry looking fairy cake with no icing and a tangerine. What are things coming to? Made me want to go to the Coop for a keg of cola and crate of smarties. What with that and gifting the microphone to the teacher with the most grating voice on the planet (short of Linda Barker's),  it was less than enjoyable for me. Fortunately the kids didn't seem to notice. I am sadly not a good example to kids it would appear, if I was six they would have me labelled as a problem child.

Survived the Christmas eleven and made it through the freeze for my M&S turkey crown. Definitely not worth the cash but as I wasn't cooking I didn't complain. Nice dinner, or as nice as can be expected with 5 weans in tow.

Last nights New year party was interesting. Invited the L and D families up for the bells. Everything was extremely civilised, everyone enjoying the nice chat and booze and the cocktail making was going a treat. Kids and men playing PS3, Only an Excuse and the usual telly tartanalia that makes up Hogmanay.  Lovely! After midnight things took an interesting turn when a karaoke machine appeared from a poly bag. Amazing! It may have been held together by sellotape but boy, could it make a noise. So much so that the neighbours suddenly started knocking our door. Probably because it was more pleasant to get drunk and listen first hand than lie in bed with the covers over their heads.  I am sure there must be  posters in the local shops with our faces on them 'Wanted - for crimes against music'.  Finally got rid of our (seriously wellied) guests at 5 am and fell into bed thinking that I am getting far to old for all this, well until next year anyway.........