Friday, 28 January 2011

WHAT IS IT ABOUT MEN?!  S asked me this morning as I was getting out of bed if I was remembering about tonight?  I looked at him blankly. What about tonight? 'We are going to S & M's'. (Two people, not that dodgy bondage thing). I still looked at him blankly to be told that he had arranged it weeks ago, when we bumped into them before Christmas. Now I have to add clairvoyant and mind reader to my list of  supposed talents. As if that wasn't bad enough, I had food coop coffee morning, (standing about serving tea and coffee to the few folk who bother to come), my nieces to babysit for goodness knows how long, as house moves never go to schedule and swimming lessons as well. Decided the swimming lessons were getting the heave ho there and then.

So tonight we are off for a free feed at S and M's where I will have to be on my best behaviour as he is a Pentecostal Minister and one of the nicest people you will ever meet. As other half's job situation is doing my nut in at the moment, I think I will ask him to put a word in with Him upstairs. Divine intervention might be the best way forward, as the way things are going it could to take a miracle to sort things out.

Back to Fat Fighters last night. The Slimming World Oracle was there again along with her pal, who is a darned good likeness for Vicky Pollard (Croydon face lift, the lot!). The Oracle seemed to have got over her huff about her lesser weight loss and proudly told us the amount of sins in a Jack Daniels (4.5). Then a Bacardi, then something else. She looks remarkably like a fat Morticia so now, unlike everyone else in this blog, they have names and not initials.  She gleefully told us all about her stomach bug and diarrhoea just as the consultant was trying to plug a rather unappetising curry sauce.  Not the best time to try and sell something brown and runny. Then we had an old dear who told us prune juice had 4 sins a shot. She needed it to 'unbung' herself. Nice. If you were wanting food before, you were unlikely to now. Very effective. Stayed the same. Hardly surprising, this has been a stressful week so turned to food for comfort, but on a brighter note exercised like a maniac so one seemed to have cancelled out the other.