Wednesday, 19 January 2011

What a morning. Heard L shout 'Mum, you should see Steve Backshall. He's hanging off the end of a boat and his pants have come off'. Stop in my tracks and nearly singe my ear and strangle myself on the cord of the hair straighteners in an effort to get to the telly for a look. Sure enough there he was, being towed along by a big boat and had parted company with his kecks in the process.Now thats what I call a wildlife show. However the lovely BBC had covered his dangly bits with a blurry patch.....spoilports.

Went to Zumba with 'I' and was delighted to see there were three people there who were new and were actually worse than me. God love them, there's hope for me yet.

Am enjoying the fitness thing now and really fancy getting back into walking again.  They run a Nordic walking club where you walk about with poles to hold you up. Sounds like a good idea. After doing the half Moonwalk two years ago I have always enjoyed walking and it's a true saying that the more you walk the more you want to walk.  The Moonwalk is a fabulous night.  There's nothing quite like strolling down the High Street in Edinburgh at chucking out time in a pink and white fluffy bra while drunks shout obscenities at you. Or climbing Arthurs Seat at two o'clock in the morning in the pitch dark. Amazing fun and there is a great feeling of achievement at the end of it when you get your wee medal. Best of all,  it is for a brilliant charity. Surreal experience as it was, the strangest thing that actually happened was during one of our training sessions when we encountered a pervert. Now the last thing you expect to encounter at 7.30 on a Sunday morning is a bonafide flasher. While most of us are either sleeping off a hangover at this time, or just enjoying a Sunday lie in, it would appear that there are those who get their jollies creeping about the local country park displaying their wares to all and sundry. That Sunday morning was our lucky day.  There he was in all his glory wearing a pair of pants and a grubby tshirt. Fortunately I only saw his face, however two of our group got to see him in action as they stopped to let the dogs pee. A phone call later, the local police had sent their dogs into the park and they got the beggar hiding in his car (still in his pants) . Cue an afternoon of visits to give statements and look at mug shots of local perverts. Nearly choked trying to say the word 'masturbate' to a stony faced policeman without laughing. The case came to court and in his defence he said that he was going jogging (in his pants - as you do), and that the girls had saw him 'urinating'.

Yeah right......