Monday, 31 January 2011

Why do women get PMT?   Yes I know Eve ate that apple, but really could God not have just given her community service or something? I wouldn't have eaten an apple in exchange for this. Maybe a lifetimes supply of Lindor or something,  but not an apple.  Sitting here, a bundle of extreme crabbitness, wishing that I could just hibernate for a week. Why is it the week that you are crabbit the worlds share of irritating eejits crawl out from their caves?  Nutters who want to drive faster than you, nutters who wants to drive slower than you, chatting shop assistants, someone who tuts at you for blocking the aisle in Morrison's. Folk that cut you up on the motorway. In fact any person on the planet.  Even the most benign and inoffensive soul becomes a target for your venom. One minute you want to wipe out the local population with your supermarket trolley, the next you are a greetin' miserable wreck and there is no rhyme nor reason to it.  Aye it's great being a female. Rant over.

H is sitting at the dinner table. Says something about the word 'tresbians'. I look at him and ask him to repeat himself. Ever since someone in L's primary 2 class told me a joke about lesbians I have had my suspicions about what sort of talk goes on in class. He rolls his eyes and says in a tone which is more suited to someone of  limited intelligence than myself,  'I was just telling Dad that when we are doing French Miss M says 'Trezzbiennz' when we are doing well'.  His pronunciation might have been dire but I wouldn't have known what French was in P2 let alone how to speak it......

Today's Random Irritation : Just about everything.