Monday, 7 February 2011

Do you ever feel that things just get to a level of stupidity where the top off your head might just blow off in frustration? Yet again it has happened and as usual it involves my children's educational establishment. Landed with running the school disco and was sat with a pile of forms with parent volunteers details on.  I have to  phone them up, thank them and let them know what they will be doing on the night. Notice that two parents have omitted to give their phone details so phone school and ask if they can give me the numbers. No. Data protection blah blah blah. Okay fair enough. 'But we can get them to phone you.' Wait for it....'as long as you don't mind us giving out your number'  WHAT?! My reply  'are we likely to get anywhere if I don't.'  At this rate we will be going round in circles. Go off the phone and use language unbecoming of a Parent Council Member. Have had enough.

Decide I will dye my hair tonight as I can see the grey is starting to creep through. I am not a vain person but one thing I will not tolerate is grey. I am going to end up like my Gran's next door neighbour who had a face like a wrinkled prune and  jet black hair when she was kicking eighty.  Reminded me of the time I couldn't get the usual colour of dye I use, so opted for 'intense dark brown'. Seemed fine until I was drying my hair and a little voice piped up 'oh Mummy you look just like Snow White - your hair is as black as ebony wood.' (L was going through her Disney Princess phase). I can still see the horrified expression on my face as I stared in the mirror at my head. Not so much Snow White more Snow Fright.   Aye...... Nice and Easy does it every time......

Today's Random Irritation : School Secretaries and Data Protection (for obvious reasons).