Tuesday, 22 February 2011

H's pearl of wisdom as I show him his newly purchased pants. 'Why do they bother making pants with pictures Mummy? No one ever sees them anyway....'

A busy weekend. Went to Stirling castle yesterday. I am sure it is lovely in the summer but in sleet it is just a wee bit cold. I suppose it was a bit more authentic, as folk of old would have been freezing their bahookies off as well. Will go back in the scorching summer weather.....if we get any.

Off to see about my gallstone this morning. Arrived ten minutes early to be treated to Jeremy Kyle on the waiting room telly. Of all the things to put on. If you didn't feel to bad before, after ten minutes of that you would have been asking for the gas.  A rough looking older couple were my only companions, she had a mouth like a sewer and I could hardly contain myself from laughing as she said 'they folk are f***ing scum.' Anyway,  I am getting a reprieve as the very nice surgeon said that he felt I should let it be for now, as it is not inflamed and that it was marked in my records that should it flare up I would be dealt with as an emergency. His best question of the consultation was 'do you think you would like surgery just now?' WHAT!  Yes sure, the prospect of having my stomach cut in three places and metal rods inserted so they can remove a bit of me is really exciting.........I can hardly contain myself.

S did a cruel thing to the kids while I was at my appointment. As the hamsters have gone back home he very kindly took them to Pet City to look and then told them they weren't getting one........I despair. Got picked up to L greetin' buckets and H complaining that 'Daddy was a cruel man'. His excuse was he couldn't think of anywhere else to take them.

Not cruel me thinks......just a man.......