Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Off to the cinema today to see the new Disney film. Booked it yesterday and was delighted to see that it was a 25% off day. You just about need a mortgage to go to the pictures now. It used to considered a reasonably cheap night out, now it's half a days wages just to purchase the popcorn.

Went on the bus with the kids to get there. My favorite mode of transport. On the bus you get every type of halfwit available and today was no exception. Bloke gets on after us with two little boys. One runs up the aisle only to be called back thus. 'Jambo come here'.  Seriously hope that is a nick name.  If not that kid is in for a rough ride.  As we are getting off I see one of my favorite things. An OAP couple in matching coats.  It seems to be a disease of the over sixties. There they were, a vision in cream, with red and blue go faster stripes. What possesses couples to buy matching anoraks? Is that what we all have coming to us?  That and those ghastly trousers they sell in M&S. You know the ones, they have a stitched in crease up the front.  I wonder if you get a voucher for matching coats with your pension book?

Today's 'You Need a Good Hard Slap' award goes to...... Justin Bieber.  His parents should be sued for causing the world extreme aggravation. Never have I witnessed someone so full of himself.  The way he chats up older women makes me want to put my foot up his jacksie. When he did that 'call me' thing to Cheryl Cole on the X factor I wanted her to get out of her seat and stick a Jimmy Choo in his underdeveloped man bits .  Even the thought of teenage girls having the hots for him doesn't seem right. If he was chocolate he would quite literally lick himself to death......hope to goodness L never brings someone like that through the door.......