Thursday, 3 February 2011

On the way back from the health club 'I' and myself were debating what some people do with their time.  There are folk who have their breakfast there, go to our class and when we are running off after it to get on with something else, they are hopping off to yet another fitness class. Came to the conclusion that they were either rich and could afford a cleaner,  had a hoose like a tip but were super fit or just had no mates.

Today's Random Irritations:

People who let their dogs lick their faces.  You wouldn't let a human lick their backside and then lick your face so why let a dog do it?

People who treat their animals like humans. You know the sort. You go into their house and the dog sits looking at you and they say 'Oh you're on his seat' and leave you wondering if they really expect you to move. - Then you wish you had just in case it's left something sticking to the chair.....