Friday, 11 February 2011

School holidays next week. Oh Joy of Joys! I love having the kids off but routine just goes straight down the toilet. I go from being up at 6.45am and organised and out the door for half eight, to falling out of bed and bumming about until 11 in my jammies with uncombed hair and a hoose like a midden. And then there's no Zumba. No baby sitters = no Zumba classes. I never thought I would say this but I absolutely love Zumba!  Amazingly the instructor told me this morning I am improving.  To be honest I couldn't have got any worse but now I know the routines and can build up quite a sweat and manage to keep up. Must be doing something right.

Took H to the hospital for his assessment with OT and the Physio dept. The school informed us he was struggling with PE and along with his dire handwriting I had become convinced he was lacking decent motor skills. An hour long meeting in which he threaded beads, traced snakes with a pencil, posted coins in slots and hopped and jumped happily about the rehab department. We were then told his gross motor skills are average and his hand to eye coordination and fine motor skills are above average. He sat beaming at us in front of his little desk having charmed the physios and OT specialist.  We sat mortified at the fact he made us look like a pair of planks. In all fairness they did believe me about his handwriting issues as assessment conditions are not the best judge for them. They will visit him at school for a look at his work and to see him in class, so I didn't feel too bad.

Went to Fat Fighters last night. I am not even going to divulge my lack of success this week which was a small irritation compared with seeing Vicky Pollard and Morticia the Slimming World oracle sitting at the main desk 'helping'.  We decided to 'weigh and go' as the alternative was sitting looking at their smug faces. That would have ended up more 'stay and slap'. Went back to J's for a cup of tea with her boys and ended up swapping Zumba moves in her living room. G rolled his eyes as we gyrated about the room shaking ourselves while B watched with a look on his face that screamed 'How soon can I get you two into a home?'

Today's big question - Why is it my other half who is an engineer and can build stuff, fix stuff and virtually turn his hand to anything CANNOT FILL THE RUDDY DISHWASHER PROPERLY?!