Sunday, 6 February 2011

Shopping yesterday and it was a momentous day. Other half got out his wallet and bought himself a new coat. Now, that may seem like a completely ordinary thing to do, but he is such a tight wad when it comes to his clothes that I am considering giving the old coat to a museum of antique clothing. It has been in and out of fashion so many times. I have been trailed to M and S so frequently now that I had actually stopped even bothering to be enthusiastic about the fact he was looking - until today. He made the decision and I snatched the damn thing out of his hand  and ran off to pay before he could change his mind. That's that over for another decade.

Not a particularly good shopping trip. H was at his moaning best. He needed the loo, was hot, tired, had sore feet, was hungry, thirsty and then didn't like the juice. Ended up half marching, half poking him in the back the whole way round to get him to walk. That was after the novelty of a visit to a sweetie shop had worn off. At least we got the coat.

Fell out of bed this morning and before going to Zumba with A I had : tidied the fall out from last nights visitors, did all homework, hoovered, did the online shop and made the beds. S sat on his jacksie  and watched  'Something for the Weekend' while I simmered inwardly and ran over his toes with the hoover.  He was just firing up the PS3 as I left.  Got back and frantically showered and got ready for an Ikea pilgrimage. Two minutes before leaving H says 'mum, I'm hungry'. Find out that it had not occurred to their father that he should feed his children lunch when required. MEN!!!!!!!!!!!