Friday, 4 February 2011

The weather is abysmal. Rain and high winds and the walk home from school yesterday was extremely unpleasant. Make a note to remind myself that next time I buy a house it will not be perched at the top of a hill where it is buffeted by gale force winds in stormy weather. I am beginning to think it might be a mighty fine idea to brick up the windows and doors on the front as I am convinced that they are going to blow out and I am going to be left clinging to my bed frame in the middle of the night. Alternatively the house might be pulled up from the foundations  a la Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and when I look out old vinegar t*ts (those on my Face book friend list will know who she is) will be riding by on her bike shouting 'I'll get you my pretties'......the stuff of nightmares. (I have to say that the crude nickname was not my doing but given it is hilarious I just had to use it!)

Actually this rotten weather is exciting H something terrible. He has been obsessed with tornadoes since he was about 3 and he is constantly hoping to see one appear over the village. That or a volcano. On the way to school  we can see a small hill which is actually the plug from an extinct volcano. I lived to regret telling him this as the other day there was a low cloud over the top of it and he was convinced it was going to start erupting. I didn't bother going into the story of Pompeii....

All joking apart living at the top of a hill does have it dangers. Once when H was little the front door blew open and as I rushed from the bedroom to shut it the draught brought down the loft hatch which hit me a crack right in nose. Not a pretty sight. However the economical way to get nose job!