Friday, 18 February 2011

Woken up yesterday morning by H climbing into bed with us. Ever since he could walk he has got into bed with us at weekends and days off, usually dragging a book about as big as himself in too. There's nothing quite like getting the corner of a World Atlas in the ribs when you are comatose. Yesterday he appeared with a pile of little books and squeezed in.  I was only half awake but well aware that he was there. He starts a conversation immediately, oblivious. 'You know Mum, I am not happy at this book, it is about the earth and there is nothing about tornadoes in it.' I grunt back, 'Oh dear, what a disgrace, you are just going  to have to write and complain about that then, aren't you.'  He is no fool and must have detected the sarcastic undertones to my voice as he says ' I think I am going to have to go and get my lie detector Mum, because I don't think you were telling the truth there....'.

Have two visitors to the house this weekend. We are looking after J's boys dwarf hamsters. Poor little beasts. Hope they survive the weekend or I feel a 35 year friendship could be jeopardized. I have had a list of things to do and not to do. L is desperate to get one for herself though S has refused point black.

Went off on a pilgrimage to Primark today. 9 pairs of pants, 12 pairs of socks. 11 kids vests, 1 pair of jammies, 6 vests for myself,  a cheap sports watch (£1), 2 pairs of slippers and a pair of knock off knitted Uggy type boots (for L) later we hauled our stash  back to the car. That place is fab! Can't wait for it to open locally, it will save having to take off across the bridge so much. Mind you I hate to think of the stampede at the door on the first day.  The geological office will be able to pick the rumblings up on their Richter scale.

Booked to go to 'Dirty Dancing' last night. It is coming to Glasgow. Am going with another friend J and her daughter A who instructed me to get the 'cheap seats'. It must be a long time since I was last at the theatre as the so called 'cheap seats' were not exactly cheap.  £30 each and you have to take your own oxygen cylinder with you as the air is so thin up there you run the risk of passing out and falling off the balcony onto the folk in the UPPER circle. I think I will have to tie myself to the seat. I seem to remember going to the theatre in Edinburgh once with workmates and was so high up that I crawled on all fours (there was no drink involved) to my seat. High jacked S's credit card to do the dirty (if you'll excuse the pun) deed. He looked on unamused as we sang 'We're going to have the time of our lives and we owe it all to youoooooooooo..........'