Wednesday, 23 March 2011

The builders arrived yesterday morning to start work in the garden. I really cannot stand having workies in the house so thought that builders in the drive would be bearable. They rolled up in their van at 8am and sat for half an hour. The boss (a sort of fat Hannibal from the A team) sat sucking on a massive cigar while the others drank coffee and read their papers. They finally decided to get out the van at 8.30. I took off to school to escape the carnage as they ripped up my drive and started digging up my back lawn. I made up my mind not to return until after 3.30.

At the school sweatshop we have problems of a different kind. Our elephant ears wont stiffen so we decided to sew up monkey costumes instead. I ended up having to help six P7 boys try on and adjust their tree costumes. They looked at me in horror at what they were going to wear. If they have any street cred now it is going to disappear by next week when they have to dance on stage wearing a brown sack with floppy tendrils and branches. I told them it could be worse and showed them the bush costumes with pink flowers and they cheered up no end. With makeup on they will look really good. I have been asked to help with the stage make up so it looks like I have blagged myself a free viewing of the show - three times.

Just as I was finishing 'A' and 'I' showed up fresh from a school trip round Linlithgow Palace so we hopped off to the new garden centre which opened last week. We wandered round and finally went to their cafe/ restaurant place for something to eat. I have never seen so many delicious cakes in my life.  We spent ages oohing and ahhing over them. Surrounded by OAPS (it was cheap Tuesday for wrinklies), we were just about mown down in the stampede for afternoon tea.

Arrived home to have my next door neighbour tripping over herself in her haste to inform me that 'the builders left at 3'.  Great,  now I have the Builder Police living next door........