Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Had L at home today with a dose of the lurgy. Actually it was last night but for obvious reasons decided to keep her off today. Didn't want her being caught short at school as some teachers seem to take pleasure in telling you to wait for the toilet. That would have been one wait the teacher would have regretted - big time.

She spent the day lying on the couch watching a pile of DVD's and eating everything in sight. Obviously a clear out is good for the appetite. H got ferried off to school with J. I decided to attack the ironing as I had someone to talk to. Just got started when there was a knock at the back door. Opened it to my neighbour from along the street. His first words were, ' I hope you haven't paid for that job, hen'. The job he was referring to was our newly mono-blocked driveway which has been greatly admired by all who have viewed it. We are very pleased with the job which was done by a family acquaintance who has had his business for over 25 years. He proceeded to pick holes in the job while I fumed inwardly. It is amazing how quickly you can go off people.  I couldn't make up my mind what made me madder, the fact that he thought I was daft enough to buy his false concern or that he thought we were thick enough to let someone make a hash of something and then pay them for the privilege. This couldn't have something to do with the fact that he has his own mono blocking business and we hadn't asked him? Maybe because we were party to the fact that he is notorious for making an ar*e of jobs and having to go back and fix them.  We had been warned by various folk in the street not to ask him.   I once saw him lay someones drive in the next street and two weeks later they had someone else fixing it. I ran him out with an icy goodbye and the sound of the back door slamming behind him would have wakened the dead. Cheeky git.

Off tonight to paint faces at the first performance of the school show. That should be fun. Nervous, hysterical and overacting and that's only the teachers. Thank goodness the kids seem to be laid back about it all........