Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Homework. I am sure it is given to parents to teach them some sort of lesson and not the kids. Tonight I have just had a stand up row with L over her maths and the only lesson that has been learned is the fact that I am really c**p at teaching it and that I need to take a serious chill pill.  I am now wallowing in guilt for losing the head.  While I have no objection to homework there is never a moment when it is actually appropriate for doing.  After school is rubbish.  If the weather is rotten they just want to chill, if its good they want out and who am I to deny them the limited daylight left for playing?  After dinner is worse - they are tired, need a bath and in general cooperation is not good.   AND DO NOT EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THE P5 PROJECTS!  An absolute atrocity and major bug bear.  This time we have chosen Austria for the scant reason that L likes the 'Sound of Music' and by watching it 5000 times she thinks it makes her an expert on all things Austrian.  Minimum 10 pages with 20 headings and accompanying pictures, souvenirs and PowerPoint if you like.  My blood pressure is rising as the last talk she had to do was major insult to S and myself who mainly did it. Were told it was too short (7 A4 pages) and that she shouldn't have read it. That was after helping her write it, make up a PowerPoint presentation, get appropriate background music and the result. Could do better. I felt like it was a personal slur on my own intelligence.  L couldn't have given a monkeys.

Went back to Aqua fit this morning after a fortnight of respite due to my dodgy back. Was delighted to hear that Cheesy is coming back for a regular slot on a Monday and Friday. Yayy!  Skinny Thighs Girl and the Ferret have got the heave ho. You can never have enough cheese........

How do you solve a problem like school projects?  Get a large receptacle more commonly known as a wheelie bin, place inside and shut the lid..  Voila!