Tuesday, 8 March 2011

It is official...I have given birth to a nerd. H is looking through his magazine and shows me a picture of the worlds largest Lego tower.  I ask him if he likes Lego (he never plays with it!) but he says 'No Mum, I prefer the science of particles' and goes back to his magazine. I despair. He will never get a woman if that's his line of chat.

Back not good again today so have to cancel Aqua fit. Decide to double my Trammy intake which works a treat as long as I keep moving.  Sit down and I start to drop off so decide to attack L's wardrobe and clear out all her old clothes. What a job. Two hours later I have three black bags of varying levels of clothing. The stuff for the charity shop and the stuff to pass on. I also have an empty wardrobe which means I will have to take her and get some new stuff. A trip is arranged for Saturday much to her delight. Wish she had a big cousin like H has. He has an endless stream of coats and jeans and stuff while L's is passed on to my nieces. My older niece who is five recently informed someone that her dress was 'L's from the loft' when someone admired it. Cringe.

Off to N's today for lunch with 'I'. Hope she's baked chocolate muffins......