Sunday, 27 March 2011

'Mum, did you know, donuts didn't have holes until the eighties?' Another of H's pearls of wisdom.

Went back to slimming club on Thursday night. What the hell is wrong with me? I know I do not have the right attitude and I cannot take the class seriously but I really need to get some weight off. All that clapping like seals is doing my head in. I looked round the room and honestly thought I was at a Jeremy Kyle convention and not a slimming class. I have never seen so many scary, rough looking woman in my life. I just couldn't find the excitement in making a pizza base out of Smash......was glad to leave and even gladder that I had lost a pound and a half since my last exciting visit. I think it's chill pill time.......

Arrived in school to help with the first dress rehearsal for the school show. Chaos reigned. I was given the unfunny and stressful job of cornering kids in classrooms and asking if they had all the parts for their costumes. This would have been easier had the right costumes been in the right classrooms.  I sat down to watch holding two stray monkey tails and just about wet myself when the elephants tried to walk on stage. Large hooped grey trousers were covered with a grey blanket and the lucky kid in the head end was wearing two ears on a band and had one arm down a tumble drier tube for a trunk. Chernobyl elephants! They plodded onto stage losing the blankets in the process and ending up with open air backsides. Priceless! It's always the things that go disastrously wrong that are the most hilarious. It would appear minor adjustments are needing made there!

By Friday I had had a Snickers bar and Bag of Chili Doritos. Forgive me Slimming World for I have sinned........again.