Monday, 21 March 2011

Off to Edinburgh on Saturday with L for a shopping trip. If I go shopping with her it usually means a pilgrimage round the shops she likes. So we stopped at H&M where I was rooked for some new Summer stuff. In all honesty she is really good when it comes to clothes and after having sent half her wardrobe to my niece, was really needing some new stuff. She faffed about picking up some crackers which I managed to dissuade her from, silently thanking my lucky stars that she has her dad's easy going nature and not mine. Meanwhile over in Nerdsville,  H was off to the museum with his dad. He has a pathological hatred for shops and as a result a family visit to 'the toon' usually means us splitting up or he would be strangled within thirty minutes of arriving.  Got dragged to Build a Bear and then onto Next,  Jenner's toy dept and the Candy shop.

Got up this morning in a psychotic mood. PMT. Could feel  myself simmering as I made the sandwiches. Had a mental vision of the kids and S behind a wall of sandbags in the dining room with tin helmets on waiting on the explosion. It came at exactly 8.09 am when I opened the door of H's bedroom to a midden. Shrieked at him like a lunatic and then shut myself in the bedroom for a greet. Felt so much better. The house was quiet and the bedrooms were looking tidy as everyone went into a 'clean up quick' frenzy. I saw my motivational poster on the wall in my mind's eye. (You know the sort of posters companies put on office walls, with 'helpful' slogans to motivate their cheesed off staff).  Mine had a photo of me in psycho mode with the following below.

Gets sh*t done - and quick