Sunday, 6 March 2011

Old age doesn't come easily and today I feel about a hundred.

Giving it big licks in Zumba on Thursday and at the cool down everything was hunky dory until I felt a muscle tighten in my back. I was glad the class was over and hurpled home. 'I' tipped me out of her car in front of the house and I went inside and stood in a hot shower in a vain attempt to reverse the after effects. No luck. The last time this happened I was carted off to the hospital bent in two. They stuck a Voltarol jag in my rear end and gave me diazepam to loosen the muscle which worked a treat. I had no desire to get carted off there so decided on a do it myself approach to the problem which ended up with me unable to straighten up properly. Had some lunch and shuffled off to the sweatshop for an afternoon session thinking a walk would loosen it off. On the road down I realised that things were not good but had got down too far to struggle back home again.

After school as I shuffled back up the road (being over taken by someone with a stick and a gang load of pensioners) I realised I was in the s**t.  My saving grace was catching a kid using swear words which got my goat big time (I am crabbit at the best of times so it was his unlucky day). I gave him a tongue lashing about using foul language much to L's mortification,  but then realised getting mad made me walk faster so I finally made it home. My next door neighbour helpfully asked me what was up as I was 'walking like I had peed myself'. Thanks. Redeemed herself though by giving me some of her Tramodol. Walking like a geriatric and incontinent to boot. All I need is a grey rinse and a shopping trolley and I will be a fully paid up member of the 'over the hill club'.

Have spent the weekend in a Tramodol induced haze.....