Friday, 1 April 2011

After a month off Zumba and three expensive visits to the Chiropractor I am now ready to return to exercise. Thank goodness. I am dreading going back as I know that I am going to feel it big time and be knackered but hey ho that's life! I am now the chiro's best friend after a nine year absence and I could almost see him rubbing his hands together in glee and the pound signs burling in his eyes as I hobbled through his front door. He now has a bizarre bed which you stand in front of and it tips you forward face first until you are lying flat. It's crossed my mind that it would be very useful if you were plastered. Stand in front, press the button and you are horizontal in seconds, far better than falling down. I endured a lecture on not sitting with my legs crossed (I am doing it now), not standing with uneven pressure on one leg and was instructed to get rid of my shoulder bags in favour of messenger bags and rucksacks as they put undue stress on my back. I looked at my favorite Cath Kidston bag sadly and realised it is now for special occasions only.

What a week. No pounds lost at Slimming World, (J has got me on the noodles now) and numerous pounds lost to the chiro. The car has also packed in again. It is a true saying that you never miss the water 'til the well runs dry.

Food coop was quiet this week. The moaner has obviously decided to go elsewhere and we had the help of our P7's who caused a £25 over ring. It must be all the post show excitement.......