Sunday, 24 April 2011

S has been away for three days now and although there are no shoes or laptop to trip over and no routine to speak of (Get up when you want, eat when you want, go to bed when you want) the house is strangely quiet. I feel quite lonely, everyone is off on holiday so it's just me L, H and the hamsters we are watching. The week has been taken up with trips to the hospital with L, doctors' surgery with H and a foray to the local pottery painting studio. Had L & C for lunch yesterday where my packet mix chocolate cake went down a storm and we had a good natter.

Had to take H to the docs' today as he has got an infection in his nose. How he got it I have no idea but he did and as usual there were no appointment for two weeks. I am sure it is a prerequisite of the job to be as unhelpful and obnoxious as you possibly can when you work on that reception. I asked to speak to a duty doctor who gave me an appointment straight away. If you can get by the witches at our surgery you are usually lucky to get something. Anyway we arrived at the surgery and the doctor who is a lovely man explained to H he would have to take a bogey sample. Hilarious. He came out with a massive cotton bud and explained he would send it to the lab. H was in his element and asked him if he wanted anymore as 'there are plenty up there'.  I am sure he has got this picking his nose. Maybe this will teach him as the medicine is vile, and it is taking bribery and corruption to get him to swallow it.

S back tomorrow........