Sunday, 3 April 2011

Why oh why oh why ? At Ikea yesterday to get furniture for H's bedroom. You can hardly pass each other in the downstairs bit as half of the East of Scotland has decided to go, but there are still eejit parents who think it's a great idea to let their three year olds loose with those ruddy mini trolleys.......and why oh why does S decide that having purchased a bed we can fit it into our car? Drove home steadying a piece of wood with my left nostril as I struggled to stop another bit going through the car windscreen - and all to save a few quid.

Work has started on H's bedroom. As his room has had to be cleared for painting everything has been removed and put in our room or into the upper hall. Now you can hardly swing a cat and turning involves the skill of Rudolph Nureyev in order that you don't lose an eye on something or get assaulted by a swimming noodle. S fortunately is working like a Trojan in order to get it painted and finished for him starting his new job in two weeks.

Mothers day and as usual I made my own breakfast - mainly because I can't stand eating in bed. My little darlings had excelled themselves and made me two lovely cards (L said they made them just in case daddy forgot) and S excelled as well by actually remembering to buy 2 for them to give to me..........

Happy Mother's Day slummy mummies everywhere!