Monday, 9 May 2011

Can't believe it! Just looked and I have been blogging for six months! When I started doing this I honestly thought that I would have got fed up after six days but here I am still spouting forth drivel and folk actually seeming to like it!

I don't think I will ever get to the bottom of men in general. This morning's classic takes the biscuit.  S leaves at 5.30 am to drive to Newcastle. I get out of bed at 6.50 and start to get organised for leaving for school. The phone rings at 8.25 -  ten minutes before I am due to leave the house and what I call 'headless chicken' time. The conversation that ensues just makes you wonder if men actually reside on this planet. It goes - Him 'Hiya', me 'Hiya' (as I attempt to do four different things at the same time). 'That's me arrived', 'Right okay',(as I drag H's coat on his back), 'I am outside McDonald's having a coffee', 'Fine, good for you' (as I cram swimming stuff in a bag), 'Are you not interested?', errr NO! I am trying to get your offspring out of the door to school which usually involves thinking about more than one thing at a time and good as I am at multitasking, holding my phone to my ear and trying to comb L's hair and put on H's shoes at the same time is asking a bit too much.  He goes off the phone in the huff. Men just never think. It hadn't even occurred to him that we were going to school let alone what time he was phoning.

Back to aqua fit today, after four weeks. I don't really know if I can face Zumba yet. Will give it another week. I will have to go back soon though. I really, really need to lose weight now that we have booked Florida. I now there is a high percentage of fatties there but I would rather not be one of them......