Wednesday, 18 May 2011

OMG! The 'Ferret' is back taking aqua fit on a Wednesday. I could hardly contain my horror as I saw him strutting along the side of the pool this morning - the whole five foot six of him. Within five minutes of starting the word 'aggressive' had been used, but far from finding him irritating I actually decided he is a fantastic target for ridicule, which immediately made me feel better.  This morning he stood on the side with two floats punching the air like a miniature ginger Rocky.  He was well into it and you could just tell he thought he was God's gift. It's a standing joke between 'I' and myself that a Wednesday at the club is 'Orgy Wednesday'.  So called because there always seems to be an awful lot of couples in the hot tub that day. Went into the steam room and 'I' spotted one of her students who should have been at college. I could have laughed out loud as she told 'I' she  'had a cold'. Yeah, so it had nothing to do with the hot young bloke that she happened to be there with. I have to admit I am unaware whether he was hot or not.  I had to take 'I's word for it as it was steamy and I had no specs on at the time.

Another random observation - Why is it on the days that I have washed the floor something nasty is always spilled? And it's usually a major incident. Half a bottle of diluting orange, a smashed jam jar or dropped casserole sauce. The day's when it's left nothing ever gets dropped. Seems like a good reason not to wash it at all. I am just inviting trouble.......Before anyone thinks I am a clarty b**ch - it's a joke, I will still get my mop out!