Thursday, 12 May 2011

OMG! There is something seriously wrong with me. Have just listened to Jedward's effort for Eurovision and I quite like it! Maybe it's the fact that they are such a pair of eejits that makes it more appealing. Go Jedward! Jedward to win! No nil poi for Jedward!  GB will have no chance as usual. You could stick on a duet of the Queen on guitar and Elton John on piano (two queens?!) and we would still get zilch.

This has been a long boring week. S is away and wont be back until tomorrow. Kids are asking when Daddy will be back. It is lonely at night after tea but I keep hoping it wont be for too long. I am lucky as I have great friends and I value the support they give me so much. Anyway we have L's Austria project to keep us occupied. Yodelayyydeee!

On Sunday we booked next years hols. Finally after much debate we managed to get Florida booked. It was a really strange experience booking a holiday abroad again. I have not been on one for 11 years. Prior to that it was a twice yearly occurrence. S sat in the travel agents with a depressed look on his face. Probably thinking about the diminishing pounds in the bank  Heck sod it. The kids are excited and I am very excited, in fact to the point that I kept saying 'I'm so excited' to L so much she gave me a weird look.

Although I am looking forward to journeying abroad again I usually become afflicted with a problem when travelling. I go into this really bossy mode as I am paranoid about everything. Mainly that I will forget the tickets, passports, money etc. Also about the time we leave for the airport - yes it maybe only 45 minutes to Glasgow but for some reason I MUST leave 5 hours before. Just in case. In case of what? Traffic -yes, breakdown (the car not nervous - but nearly), the huge check in queues -yes, snow in July - yes (you never know in this country) in fact anybody that dares to get in front of me on the way to the airport.  Maybe that is why S looked so depressed at Going Places..........