Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Well at the weekend I decided to close my blog but within twenty four hours I have had folk contacting me and asking me to write more so I am off again.  Another weekend, another catalogue of disasters as usual. Went to the local gala day coffee morning where I offloaded a scary amount of cash. Never let on to S - he would have had a fit and as they say what the mind don't know the heart wont grieve over. On the way back H had an accident. Being chased by L he did a double back somersault onto the pavement - if Tom Daly had saw him he would have been asking for tips. I went to inspect the damage. Skint elbow and a really nasty skint leg and knee. I tried to convince him he was okay but he is no fool and gave a performance that Meryl Streep would have envied. Got him home and started to patch up the mess. The cuts were dirty and I had to clean them. Realised too late I had used an alcohol wipe from the first aid kit instead of TCP and the screams could be heard a mile away.  He contorted into all shapes and yelled 'just take me to St John's'. In retrospect it was hilarious but not at the time. He took himself off to his bed to recover. Lord Almighty please do not let him hurt himself too much. I can't stand the stress, never mind him.

On Sunday I took off by myself to the local pottery studio to do a 'felting workshop'. I really don't know what took me but saw it advertised and thought I would go. Could have been the lure of six hours peace and the lunch involving cakes and scones which looked seriously inviting. Spent a nice day making a felted handbag with some plummy mummies from the town egged on by a lady who was obviously into it big time. Came home with my wee bag feeling really pleased with myself.

Back to school tomorrow and am expecting a call from the lovely flute teacher. There may be trouble ahead....