Sunday, 29 May 2011

Well Friday night was the night of the ceilidh and we stepped off gaily with fears that it would be a wash out. Sometimes you just get things soooo wrong. A good time was had by all and not a drop of liquor in sight. Mind you we were lucky as prohibition had been lifted so we had cans of juice and wait for it - sweeties.  As a result the hall was like a munchkin convention as kids skipped and danced round about, high on sugar. Tablet, macaroon, toffee and fruitellas washed down with Irn Bru and Cola. The local dentists will be sharpening their drills as I write this. Supper was served in the form of stovies (nice) and hot dogs (not so much). I wont even describe the veggie sausages. All right I will. Across between what the dog would eat and then put out again but hey ho if you're veggie it must be better than a lettuce sandwich. Went home happy that it had been worth the effort and pleased that ceilidh goers were asking for another.

Took off to S and J's for a barbecue last night and as usual it was typical gala weather- wind, rain, a bit of sun and then back to wind and rain. Food was lovely and we spent the afternoon huddled in a gazebo containing a leather suite, various camping chairs, a table and a telly. I am still unsure as to whether it is okay to install an inside telly in an outside gazebo with the ariel suspended  from a bit of velcro but some folk will do anything not to miss the footie.  Enjoyed cremating marshmallows on a a stick , took me back to being in the brownies.

L is off on her school residential trip tomorrow so the house will be very quiet this week. Have been bankrupted by the list of toiletries that have to be supplied. Midgie repellent, sun cream, hay fever meds - the local pharmacy must be rubbing their hands together in glee. Tomorrow is a bank holiday so S is off and H is at school. Must be the first time in ages we have had time to ourselves. As usual we will probably just look at each other unsure what to actually do with our time. He's off down south on Tuesday so it will just be H and me. No kiddie fighting - bliss.........