Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Went to see the chiropractor a week ago. He grudgingly informed me that he wouldn't have to see me for at least six weeks. That's his takings down then. I think I am funding the boat he has on the Firth of Clyde single handedly. In all fairness my back has improved no end and I have forgotten what it is like to get out of bed in the morning in pain so money well spent. I skipped off up the road ready to take on the world or at least L's bedroom. Went into the room, slid on a sock she had left lying on the laminate floor and before I knew it I was doing the splits in a fashion that would have scored a 10 at the Olympics.  Never one to do something by halves I grabbed her plastic drawers full of craft equipment for support, only for it to topple like a stack of dominoes. Result - me contorted in a heap wearing an assortment of pipe cleaners, sequins and googly eyes for decoration.  Since then my back has felt slightly wonky...I wonder if I will last for another five weeks.

Day 2 of L's residential trip and I am wondering how many items of clothing she has wrecked. I sent her with her oldest stuff and warnings to wear her wellies for all mucky activities. Bet she wrecks her trainers. The activities include kayaking, 'jungle bashing' (how do you bash a jungle?), swimming and visits to Deep Sea World and a local stately home.  Am waiting on her coming back tomorrow with a suitcase full of filthy clothing and an equally filthy self.  Will have the bath run so I can just tip her into it. 

S has taken off down south again so there is only H and myself. Of course things never run smoothly and he has got up this morning complaining about a sore head, feeling dizzy and running a temperature. O happy days.........