Tuesday, 7 June 2011

An interesting week to be sure. L and I ventured to Glasgow on Saturday with A and J to see the Sound of Music. Why do I always get sat next to someone who has to laugh like a buffoon at the funny bits?  It was a fabulous show with the exception being Jason Donovan as Captain VonTrapp.  Excruciatingly someone wolf whistled him when he came on stage.  Mortifying.  Not so much Von Trapp and Von Cr*pp, he really should avoid singing as he was as flat as a pancake and wooden as a cricket bat when it comes to acting.  Him apart it was an amazing show and the Von Trapp kids were brilliant.  So natural, not precocious at all, like some of those ghastly stage school divas.

Prior to the show we went for afternoon tea at a bakers in Sauchiehall Street.  Fantastic!  One of those places that has been there since the year dot, serving scones and shortbread, sandwiches and cream cakes and all on the wee cake stands your Grannie used to use. Surrounded by old ladies, we had a great time scoffing the lot.

Started H's Apollo moon suit for the Gala on Thursday and set about sewing it up on Sunday.  The house now looks like it has been bombed.  As is normal prior to Gala week, J has been on the phone asking if I have certain items.  A long, black wig. Hippie clothes and anything else remotely hippie related. I obliged with L's shocking pink kaftan style thingy from Primark and her black wig from her stint as Wednesday Addams. Hilariously this is for her eight year old boy B. He is being a hippie in the fancy dress and the garden is being done up as a hippie commune.  She is letting the grass grow so it is authentic. (I think she just can be assed cutting the grass!)  Went in to see him try it on and,  after the initial horror of having to wear L's top,  he got into it big time and ran outside in the wig with a black droopy moustache stuck to his top lip with double sided sticky tape.

S very kindly as given me the cold that he had last week and taken off down south so I can be ill to my heart's content.  Not really. Still have to get on with it.  Spent the day sewing together an Apollo backpack made from two cardboard boxes and two plastic washing powder boxes as the ironing grows to gargantuan proportions.  So glad L is going as a gogo girl.  I have managed to scrounge most of her stuff, no sewing involved at all.

If this weekend is anything like last years gala we will hardly see the house, dine on chippies and barbecues and hopefully not get soaked............