Wednesday, 22 June 2011

A quiet week in which I have finally conquered Mount Ironing. Hallelujah!  L finished her talk on Austria and thing are knocking along nicely in the run up to the holidays. Homework is finally finished.

Spent Monday afternoon at a meeting at the school. Summonsed by the Heidy to take part it was one of those things where you turned up not knowing what to expect and left none the wiser.  Arrived and found myself shoehorned in between the local community policeman and the minister of all folk. Fortunately the minister is a very cheery, gregarious character who launched into chat. Unfortunately he has a very strong accent. I am awful at understanding accents and spent a torturous ten minutes tuning in. One of those moments where you are nodding like mad and smiling and hoping to goodness that you shouldn't be shaking your head.  I seemed to get away with it. At no point in this meeting did anyone introduce themselves and it took half an hour to realise that someone was actually interviewing us individually. Sometimes I wonder what the heck the local council are wasting our council tax on. Today it was obviously a clueless old git talking to parents for some unknown reason and three trays of M&S sandwiches.

Have E's boys tonight for tea and will take them round to their beds as she is off to see Take That at Glasgow with her hubby.  Gary, really sorry couldn't get tickets for our date but never mind, there's always next year.......