Friday, 10 June 2011

Well today is the day of the Queen's crowning and it dawned bright and sunny. Hopped off down to school, had breakfast with A and I,  and then toddled up the road to help J with the Gala preparations. With B being a herald in the Queen's court,  the house is being decorated and I ended up mixing black paint to paint a banner,  while J received the Sainsbury's delivery and her hubby cut the grass. The Sainsbury's man's knees nearly buckled under the strain of heaving the crates of booze up the drive. Tomorrow will be the barbecue to end all barbecues....actually we thought last years was outrageous, what with enough reek to ground flights  into Edinburgh Airport, enough booze to sink a battleship and our good friend R turning up to provide his usual anecdotes it was a night to remember. Especially when R got a hold of J's I-phone and impersonating her, put a rather embarrassing message on Facebook about one of the guests, who was not amused. Mind you neither would I have been if someone had announced on Facebook 'Does anyone know the number for Dynorod?  ******* has left a floater in the lavvy and it wont flush'  Snigger's all round and J left apologising profusely for her guests 'peurile' behaviour.

Took off down to the field for the crowning after a dodgy afternoon of rain but Him Upstairs was kind and kept it dry. Kids were lovely as ever, the usual gala fare - bored page boys, pretty flower girls and a lovely wee queen being entertained by the local organisations. Special mention to the local scout group. It takes a special people to run the scouts - it helps if you are off your head for starters and you must be great with kids. They are both and the leaders are amazing.

Came up the road to help J turn her abode into a Hippie Commune minus the drugs - but plenty of booze instead.......