Thursday, 18 August 2011


Found under L's bed when cleaning : The following list....spelling as written


1 a wrinkly botom
2 a bosey teacher
3 have a wort on bum
4 a bad teacher
5 to have direa

Isn't life simple when you are nine? I would willingly trade a dose of the scoot or a wrinkly butt to get rid of the mortgage or guarantee a worry free life. A question though. Why don't we just spell diarrhoea like that? Far simpler.

Cleaned H's bed out today. He has a new cabin bed which is a nightmare to change but after scrubbing his room out started to strip it. In his bed were the following items:

a stuffed astronaut
a backscratcher from 'Islas de Balleares' (gifted to him by A's hubby. I use it for reaching across the bed to retrieve stuff , have not a clue what he uses it for).
3 copies of 'The Sky at Night' magazine.
The remote control for his light up moon
a very small Dr Who complete with sonic screwdriver
post it notes
a pencil (how many times have I told him not to take them to bed?)
a metal spring

It school fayre clean out time again. His room has been relatively easy. His sisters...........well, if I am posted missing at any point it is probably because I have disappeared under her bed never to return from the land of fluff, dust and junk......