Tuesday, 27 September 2011

PP's and BB's

Would the person who invented kidney infections please own up? Something I have never been afflicted with in my life, and yet in the past four months I have now had two bouts, the worst one just now. It is not very pleasant, nope that's an understatement - it's bloody agony at its worst. Sometimes just plain annoying where you fidget about like a five year old bursting for a pee and other times like someone setting fire to your nether regions with a blow torch.  Finally took myself off to the doc's yesterday after a week of misery. I am terribly bad for thinking things will just get better of their own accord but got up with such bad pains in my back yesterday morning that I relented and phoned the surgery. Actually got an appointment, don't know if that was good luck or if the receptionist could detect the agony in my voice. J ran me down to the surgery clutching my little pot of pee for analysis. Yep,  a kidney infection.

Sunday saw us off to the local church for the Boys Brigade enrollment service which H has joined. He also had to pick up a prize for an art competition he had entered run by the church. I have never been in the local church as we are still members of the one in the next village. It's amazing how different two services can be. I immediately felt uncomfortable  A. because I needed to pee constantly and sitting on a cold church pew is not the best antidote for that and B. because they have that new type churchy music which I really don't like. I have no idea why, I can only assume it is because I am more of a dour Church of Scotland 'Onward Christian Soldiers' type and the guitar playing and flute blowing is not my cup of tea,  but to each their own, and the minister gave a very good service. To further add to my horror I realised on the way out that he likes to hug all his female parishioners, something that made me squirm with discomfort. I save my hugs for family and close friends and this was not my thing at all. I decided to sneak past as he was hugging someone else, thinking that he would not notice. He must have eyes in the back of his head as I heard a booming voice shout, 'Come back, I will be offended if I don't get a hug.' Behind me,  A and I and their other halves were falling about laughing as I allowed myself to be bear hugged by the minister. Next time I will sneak out of the back door.....